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It’s time for it to be about you.

FullSizeRender11Welcome to the teal sea, TLC
where I, Ky, the mermaid nurse
share ways to heal the heart.
Learn the art of self-care.

When you do this you’ll feel safe and sound
navigating grief till you surface from love to
locate the pulse of possibility.

I will guide you as you dive into life
and FINd your way home this very moment.
When you follow the flow and glow
of your own heart, a relaxed path
happens where you feel ok
despite the pain and chaos.
TLC is vital to staying alive.
Most of the human race
is sick and dying too young.  
Did you know over 90% diseases
are affected by and caused by stress.
Let’s instead dream, breathe, heal, and
create comfort as well as adventure!
Join the community at Secret Mermaid Stuff on facebook and Youtube.
Book a complimentary 15 min
inspiration session to see if there’s something more I can offer
to help you SEAZ Life!
You can reach, Ky the Mermaid Nurse for session on the deep art of self-care-

  • 1:1 coaching
  • specialty coaching groups
  • kenotes and retreats
Kyane Howland
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