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Self-Care Coaching

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tealsunriseTLC Self-Care Coaching

As SeaEO and coach at LakeMusic Studio
I bring a creative approach to health with my artist heart and holistic nurse practice for the past 30 yrs.
I can teach you the beautiful deep art of self-care.

Here’s a menu of specialty coaching programs
I do 1:1, in groups, and at retreats,
to help you create TLC and seaz life.

Which specialty program is for you? It’ll be FINonmenal!

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Breakfast Club

“Light tomorrow with today.” Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Cup of Sun Club

What’s done is done.

Take a deep breath, stretch,
and say I love you, today.

It’s time to wake
the mermaid way.

glow smallerThis means doing one thing—GLOW

Start with your heart
at daybreak.
Find the pulse of possibility.
Feel the beat of beauty.
At first light, when your pillow fills with a big glow,
come home to a moment.
Feel the beat of beauty.
Taste, see, smell, hear, and intuit
the music and aroma. of a new morning.

Remember what the Queen said to Alice?
It’s time to believe at least six impossible things before breakfast.
What if this simply meant coming to your six senses.
What if you felt healthier by getting decadent.
Yes I said that.

It’s this simple.
Just trust this lustre.  Let go of stress.
Celebrate you made it another day.
Take life to your lips
as if it’s a soulmate and believe
the whole world is your beloved.

Watch exhaustion fall away with
sensual expression.
After 15 decadent minutes
of spa perspective, of revery,
you will get so much done
because a love of life will fill you!

Stop procrastination
and activate passion.

mermaidtailjpgI, Ky ,the mermaid nurse, will guide you
Monday through Friday, as you follow the glow
at daybreak past heartbreak,
anxiety, pain, and chaos.

It’s time to seaz your life.

I believe in this program so much,
I’ll refund you if you don’t feel it works after a month.  
So there’s no risk to you.
Show up and shine!

Sign up at
10 week, or 25 for the month,
that’s less than a dollar a day to receive warm support designed for by an artisan nurse.
You’ll be part of a private fb group
so you can stay inspired daily with articles, videos, and authentic community.
Participate in a Q and A LIVE once a week about health and beauty tips.
Ready set glow!
In three weeks your routine will feel fresh
and even your biochemistry may recalibrate.

Get decadent and healthy.
Yes!  Let’s start.
You’re a heartbeat away from a new you.


Soul Photography

 “My destination is no longer a place, but a new way of seeing.” ~Proust

This coaching program is for you, if you're

  • stressed, depressed, sleepless
  • grieving a heartbreak and need to love life
  • needing new photos for your branding and blog

Four Requirements

  1. You commit to taking 11 photos daily and come with an open heart to the weekly 45 min session
  2. We talk once a week in a weekly Q and A about the photos, celebrating the highlights
  3. We focus on both the growth of technique and personal transformation
  4. You invest 30/month, which is a dollar/day, and have 24/7 access to a private fb group that is safe and inspiring.

laketealstormThis coaching program not only strengthens photography skills
but may benefit you in these six areas—

  1. you'll find meaning and peace in everyday events
  2. you're gratitude will grow as you notice nuance
  3. you'll shake off layers of shame, expectation, as you take playful selfies
  4. you'll focus on here and now, traveling light
  5. your energy will increase as you feel pleasure in common moments
  6. you'll connect better to your heart, the earth, and others through the metaphor and story

Seeing is…touching.” Alan Watts

dolphin marine mammals water sea 64219

Specialty workshops!

Please contact me if interested to get on the list when they are offered seasonally.

Dolphin wisdom workshop

Through playful exercises designed from my time with dolphins, participants will breathe freer, release fear, and find flow.

This creative three part program is for you if you need to

  • release stress
  • increase focus
  • improve communication
  • include an element of play when you work

We work 1:1/group in these areas

  • breath work
  • guided imagery
  • toning and tuning in to intuition
  • improving communication and joy

pexels photo 247115

Pearl Healing

1:1 coaching 90/hour or 3 sessions for 250

“If you understand yourself you are illuminated.” Lao Tzu

Did you know there’s a way to heal
making pain from pearls
when you feel most alone in the dark.

Create a wealth of health
that lifts you from victim to invincible
to kickass lustre.

Something beautiful can come after
the most violating situations, because you can
choose to make it so!

“open your body, and give birth to pearls” Anne Sexton

ky volcano small

Passion Coach/relationship issues

1:1 coaching 90/hour or 3 sessions for 250

You feel it.
Mostly at three a.m.
An ache keeps you awake.
You hunger to understand
Know its going to be ok.

Ask a mermaid nurse questions you can't ask your mother
about passion and satisfaction.  Claim your erotic energy.

  • Release stress
  • Heal from abuse
  • Come home to your body and soul

"Be really whole and all things will come to you." Lao Tzu

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