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Vocal Coaching

Power of Sound Vocal Coaching

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Be heard and respected

in areas of leadership, speech, performance, and love relationships.
In eight weeks you can make the change you need and dream.
Together, through 1:1 coaching, you and I will strengthen the power of your sound.

Won't it feel wonderful to free your voice, find your timing, and
create breathing room for your dreams to come true!

Hear me when I say with all the sincerity of a nurse, musician, and writer:

your voice is the key to your forTUNE

you can change everything with a word


Words create worlds.

What you feel and speak make changes in your daily life, for better and worse.

Choose to respond rather than react.
You deserve to hit the high notes in life, and live nothing less than a lovesong.

As Conservatory-trained musician  I’ll take care of how you sound, till your unique beauty breaks through like the dawn so you travel light.  

Life is stressful.  Pain gets stuck in our range and weighs down our tone. 

As a holistic nurse, award-winning musician, and internationally published writer,

I know how to take care of every level, so you find your singing, speaking, and writing voice.

I can help you express the best of who you are.  This will energize your life, like nothing else.
You will also feel safe and sound after everything you’ve been through.

Together, through weekly 1:1 hourly sessions, over the course of eight weeks, we will get you to a place where you trust your true voice.

You and I have fun doing vocal warmups, breath work, and removing blockages with love, not judgement.  Imagine being free of fear and stress so you can express the passionate range that makes you beautifully human.

Giving voice to what you love, helps you personally and professionally,
because sound affects everything.

17434758 271497696641275 4099982745995101668 oThe three meanings of SOUND are everything you are.

Sound is your voice, health, and flow.

Feel happy, healthy, and free.
Give voice to what you love.

To work with me, as soon as possible,
send in the form and select the Writing/Speaking/Singing Option.

Pick four skills from this list,
to customize your eight week 1:1 coaching program.  

Tune in to the nine--

strengthen breath
learn fun stretches to get more flexible with body and voice
increase core confidence
stabilize pitch
expand passionate range of your subject
find your timing
improvise with ease
boost intuition
grow powerful vocal projection/presentation for performance

Move from fear to the love.
Your life IS meant to be a lovesong!
Tune in to your truth, today.
Tone emotions, body, and soul to feel whole.

"Be whole and all things will come to you." Lao Tzu

(You may even turn mermaid, it happened to this singing nurse!)

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