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The Mermaid Nurse

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Hi, I'm Ky, the mermaid nurse.

I love life.I’m committed to inspire yours
Ky dolphin because no matter what happens, it’s meant to be a love story.  

Did you know you have a fin within?

It’s your ability to deFINe your life with FINess.
You sense it when you’re hurrying down the sidewalk,
a puddle reminds you there’s more.
You look down and suddenly see the sky.
Or maybe it’s a shoreline where you do yoga.
You stretch and sense the inFINite.

For years, I had a reoccuring dream dolphins, bliss, swimming.  This was enough to nudge me to go swim with dolphins.  I’ll never forget the incredible moment where three chose to swim beside me at the same time.  A dolphin cocoon!  I felt held and loved by their ecstatic music of clicks and whistles. It was healing to be seen and accepted so completely.  The authenticity of these moments continue to swim in my heart, where a sea also stirs, night and day.  Through music you and I connect, heal, and have the time of our lives, when we listen to intuition and go within to a bliss we can't afford to miss.

At Marquette University I specialized in therapeutic music, mind/body medicine, and researched biofeedback, color and aroma therapy.  I became a Registered Nurse committed to the connection between creativity and health.  Whether working with the homeless or those abused, I gave pragmatic compassion to many who needed a turning point.

A near death experience taught me not to fear dying.
I’ve worked as a hospice nurse, as well as helping dear hearts to not be afraid of living.  Suicidal teens, families dealing with altzheimers, and many struggling with depression, addiction, anxiety, and abuse.  I wanted more tools to soothe, so I returned to the university, to get a Masters in Creative Writing.  The journaling work I developed was very effective with stress and exhaustion.

I further explored music at a Conservatory for seven years, as well studying sound healing techniques throughout history. I discovered, humming a homemade melody, following the tone, and playing guitar can shift everything. The frequency of empathy connects the heart to a happy relaxed state where you and I can activate a healing response. We must be careful of limited approaches that only give a pill or diagnosis. There are modalities, proven by humans across the globe, that do more than manage. Pain is inescapable but whether you suffer or not is up to you. It's possible to help someone else transform their own energy field.  I've learned ways that not only rebalance but reactivate health. I’ve created a ‘musical reiki” I call "dolphin song" and teach it at conferences and to clients. I’ve traveled many roads since I was that thirteen year old girl diving into the ocean for the first time, just strumming a song I wrote on guitar that year, and I’m here to help you.

While I’ve performed at Theaters, Museums, Gardens, Universities, and Festivals, such as the Rumi Festival where I sang beside Coleman Barks as he read poetry, I cherish the quiet moments most of all.  Whether its singing in Venetian gondola boats at twilight, or at the lullaby club with my kids who are now grown, and by your side as  you transition to what’s next.

Yes!  My greatest happiness is to be the mermaid nurse, who offers to you~

* 1:1 designer coaching to you who has a dream and to FINd and shine

 *  conduct creative healing retreats

*  keynotes to free the fortune of your voice, vision, and verve.

19702393 1558485314226081 5533800386267365997 n 1‘Mind-blowing, incredible, wise goddess love.”  Lynn, Nurse

“Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely the perfect teacher for me!”
Amber, 9 year old student

“Lovely, her creativity is continually exciting, a joy to work with.”
Kathleen Sonnentag, Mezzo-Soprano, Conservatory of Music

“Kyane is an incredible soul with all the wisdom of the world behind her! Not only will she tell you what you need to know, but also lift you up emotionally and make you believe you can do anything!”  Sarah, Language and Neuroscience Lab

“All my life I've had that novel within me and it was still there.  In addition, at this same time, I had just experienced a "series of unfortunate events" a la Lemony Snicket, unbeknownst to Ky, and was at a crossroads.  Even though I dropped but a few words via a FB PM, Ky picked up on this immediately...I felt I could trust her.  I shared my passion for writing and my hesitation.  Over the course of just a few rapid texts, she inspired me, encouraged me and gave me hope.  HOPE.  VISION.  PASSION.  LOVE.  She expressed validation and confirmation of my path using very specific words, meaningful only to me, that there was no way on this green earth she could have known beforehand.  Ky switched me up, turned me around, and re-aligned me with my purpose...all after just a few FB PMs.  I am now starting to write.  And it's all because of Ky and her unconditionally loving and non-judgmental Mermaid Magick.  She is a wonder and I am so blessed to know her."  Pamela, Author

“Kyane Howland's open minded and open spirited presentation of the healing arts fits right in with Unitarian Universalist's view of finding your own path - each person can find what feels "right" to them!  This allows for real healing on so many levels.” Laura Klemm  

“Kyane is an inspirational voice coach who has had an impact on my singing and public speaking abilities. Learning with Kyane is not only a lot of fun; each lesson relieves stress, relaxes my spirit, and provides a therapeutic feeling that I have improved not only my voice but my entire body and soul.
– Gordy, Quality Dr.

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